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in Biology by (2.8k points)
a) Interaction with the environment & progressive evolution

b) Reproduction

c) Growth & Movement

d) Responsiveness to touch

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Answer is (b) Reproduction

Only living organisms have the ability to reproduce(produce organisms of their own kind). Even though all other options are seen in living organisms, reproduction is the most fundamental thing. Living organisms do evolve and interact with environment but it is only because reproduction is taking place in every organisms.

by (2.8k points)
So is reproduction a defining property?
Then what about sterile organisms?
by (29.6k points)
Sterile organisms are those organisms that are unable to produce their offsprings or children.
Sterile organisms cannot produce viable gametes because the extra chromosome cannot make a homologous pair at meiosis, meiosis is disrupted, and viable sperm and eggs are not formed.
by (2.8k points)
So I repeat my question:
If sterile organisms can't produce offsprings then why are they considered living?
If reproduction was a defining property all the sterile organisms would be dead, wouldn't they?

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