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12.) Mole fraction of ethyl alcohol in aqueous ethyl alcohol solution is 0.25. Hence percentage of ethyl alcohol by weight is

13.) 35 ml sample of hydrogen peroxide gives off 500ml of o2 at 27oC and 1 atm pressure. Volume strength of H2O2 sample will be

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(12) If ethanol is 0.25, then H2O will be 0.75.
Mol wt of ethanol is 46.06g/mol,
So, 0.25 mol=11.515g of ethanol

Mol wt of H2O is 18.01528g/mol,
So, 0.75 mol=13.51g of H2O

Total wt=25.02646g
wt % of etanol is = 11.515 / 25.02646 * 100 = 46.011%
Approximately 46%

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