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Given below are a few statements related to external fertilization. Choose the correct statements.

i.  The male and female gametes are formed and released simultaneously.

ii.  Only a few gametes are released into the medium.

iii.  Water is the medium in a majority of organisms exhibiting external fertilization. 

iv. Offspring formed as a result of external fertilization have better chance of survival than those formed inside an organism.

(a)  iii and iv

(b)  i and iii

(c)  ii and iv

(d)  i and iv .

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Correct option (b)  i and iii


In most aquatic organisms, such as a majority of algae and fishes as well as amphibians, syngamy occurs in the external medium (water), i.e., outside the body of the organism. This type of gametic fusion is called external fertilisation. Organisms exhibiting external fertilisation show great synchrony between the sexes and release a number of gametes into the surrounding medium (water) in order to enhance the chances of syngamy. This happens in the bony fishes and frogs where a large number of offspring are produced. A major disadvantage is that the offspring are extremely vulnerable to predators threatening their survival up to adulthood.

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