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Ram Singh bought a T.V. for Rs. 6000 on credit. The rate of interest for the first year is 5% and of the second year is 15%.How much will it cost him if he pays the amount after two years. 

(A) 8800 

(B) 8259 

(C) 8265 

(D) 7245

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Correct option (D) 7245   


Here P = Rs. 6000, R1 = 5% p.a., R2 = 15% p.a. 

Amount after two years =p (1 +R1/100)(1+R2/100)

= 600 (1 +5/100) (1+15/100)

= (6000 x 21/20 x 23/20) = Rs. 7245

Thus, the T.V. will cost him Rs. 7245

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