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Name the type of mirror used in the following situations: (i) Headlights of a car (ii) Rear-view mirror of vehicles (iii) Solar furnace Support your answer with reason. 

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Type of mirror used in 

(i) Headlights of a car: Concave mirror Concave mirror is used because light from the bulb placed at the focus of it gets reflected and produces a powerful parallel beam of light to illuminate the road. 

(ii) Rear view mirror of vehicles: Convex mirror Convex mirror is used because it always produces a virtual, and erect image whose size is smaller than the object. Therefore it enables the driver to see wide field view of the traffic behind the vehicle in a small mirror. 

(iii) Solar furnace: Concave mirror Concave mirror has the property to concentrate the sunlight coming from sun along with heat radiation at its focus. As a result, temperature at its focus increases and the substance placed at the focal point gets heated to a high temperature.

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