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What is meant by the term ‘power of accommodation’ of human eye? How does it help a person to see nearby as well as distant objects clearly.

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The ability of eye lens to adjust its focal length to form the sharp image of the object at varying distances on the retina is called its power of accommodation. When we see the nearby object, the ciliary muscles contract, it increases the thickness of eye lens. The eye lens then becomes thicker. As a result, the focal length of eye lens decreases in such a way that the clear sharp image of nearby object is formed on the retina. Thus, the object is seen clearly to us.

When we see the distant object, these muscles becomes relaxed, thus the eye lens becomes thinner, and consequently focal length of the lens increases. Therefore, the parallel rays coming from the distant object are focused on the retina and object is seen clearly to us. Thus, the accommodation power of an eye helps a person to see nearby as well as distant objects clearly. 

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