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Software Development Company has set up its new center at Raipur for its office and web based activities. It has 4 blocks of buildings named Block A, Block B, Block C, Block D.

Number of Computers

Block A25
Block B50
Block C125
Block D10

Shortest distances between various Blocks in meters: 

Block A to Block B60 m
Block B to Block C40 m
Block C to Block A30 m
Block D to Block A50 m

(i)  Suggest the most suitable place (i.e. block) to house the server of this company with a suitable reason. 

(ii)  Suggest the type of network to connect all the blocks with suitable reason .

(iii)The company is planning to link all the blocks through a secure and high speed wired medium. Suggest a way to connect all the blocks. 

(iv) Suggest the most suitable wired medium for efficiently connecting each computer installed in every block out of the following network cables: 

 ● Coaxial Cable 

 ● Ethernet Cable 

 ● Single Pair Telephone Cable.

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(i)   Block C , It has maximum number of computer.

(ii)  LAN

(iii)  Star topology

(iv)  Ethernet Cable

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