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Describe the objectives and role of the central advisory board of physical education and recreation

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These are the objectives of the central advisory board of physical education and recreation :

  • To introduce physical education as compulsory subjects in schools.
  • To suggest all the educational institutions of the country in preparing syllabus.
  • To suggest the qualification for the selection process and training of the physical education teachers.
  • To introduce physical education at elementary middle, high school and university level and prepare course-content accordingly.

The Role of the Board are as follows :

  • The board suggests bold steps for physical education and prepares syllabus for the certificate and diploma courses to the Govt. of India.
  • To suggest - different physical training methods for the boys and the girls to the centre.
  • The union education ministry started scholarship in 1958 in the fields of leadership training, research etc.
  • The union education ministry started giving monetary help to the organizations running programmes related to national physical efficiency test after 1958.
  • Many steps were taken to run the physical education programes successfully at state level.
  • Many steps were initiated to write, publish, encourage and popularise physical education.
  • On board’s suggestion, the central govt. has started many programmes related to national health core in different educational institutions of India.

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