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Which principal are required to be followed to make the adapted physical education effective? Explain.

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(i) Medical Examination : It is very important for the success of programmes related to adapted physical education. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find out what kind of disability, the student is suffering from. Therefore, it is imperative to conduct medical examination of the students.

(ii) Programmes according to the interest of the students : Programmes should be made keeping in mind the interest, capacity and previous experience of the students. The teachers should also have deep knowledge about. It, then only they can make any successful programme.

(iii) Equipment should be appropriate : Students should be provided with equipment as per disability concerned. For example, students suffering from visual impairment should be given a ball with bell so that they many catch the ball as it rolls because of the sound. Thus such students can make out. The direction and distance of the ball.

(iv) Proper Environment : The play area also should be limited because of the limited speed capacity of the children. For example, speech impaired children should be given rest in between the games. The play area should be limited to top smaller area.

(v) Modification of Rules : Rules and regulations of the games and sports should be modified depending on the specific needs of students. In order to learn new skill they may be given extra time, extra effort, extra rest and 2 marks in place of 1 mark.

Thus, they might be given the opportunity for all round development.

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