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Explain how you evaluate power transmitted by the belt.

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T1 = Tension in the tight side of the belt 

 T2 = Tension in the slack side of the belt 

 V = Velocity of the belt in m/sec. 

= πDN/60 m/sec, D is in meter and N is in RPM 

P = Maximum power transmitted by belt drive 

The effective tension or force acting at the circumference of the driven pulley is the difference between the two tensions (i.e., T1 – T2)

Effective driving force = (T1–T2)

Work done per second = Force X Velocity

= F X V N.m

= (T1–T2)X V N.m

 Power Transmitted = (T1–T2).V/1000 Kw

(Here T1 & T2 are in newton and V is in m/sec)


1. Torque exerted on the driving pulley = (T1–T2).R

Where R1 = radius of driving pulley

2. Torque exerted on the driven pulley = (T1–T2).R2

Where R2 = radius of driven pulley.

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