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Find the length of belt necessary to drive a pulley of 500mm diameter running parallel at a distance of 12m from the driving pulley of diameter 1600m.

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Given Data Dia. of driven pulley (D2) = 500mm = 0.5m 

Radius of driven pulley (r2) = 0.25m 

Centre distance (X) = 12m 

Dia. of driver pulley (D1) = 1600mm = 1.6m 

Radius of driver pulley (r1) =0.8m 

Since there is no mention about type of belt(Open or cross type) 

So we find out for both the cases. (i) Length of the belt if it is open

WE know that:

Putting all the value

L = 27.32m

(ii) Length of the belt if it is cross

WE know that: 

Putting all the value

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