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A flat belt is used to transmit a torque from pulley A to pulley B as shown in fig. The radius of each pulley is 50mm and the coefficient of friction is 0.3. Determine the largest torque that can be transmitted if the allowable belt tension is 3KN.

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Radius of each pulley = 50mm, 

R1 = R2 = 50mm 

R1 = Radius of the driver = 50mm 

R2 = Radius of the driven = 50mm 

θ = Angle of contact(In radian) = 1800 = p, 

µ = Coefficient of friction = 0.3

T1 = Allowable tension = 3KN

T1 always greater than T2

Using the relation T1/T2 = eµθ

Putting all the value,

3/T2 = e(0.3)(π)

On solving T2 = 1.169KN

Since Radius of both pulley is same;

So, Torque exerted on both pulley is same an

= (T1–T2).R1 = (T1–T2).R2

Putting all the value we get, 

(3 – 1.169) X 50 = 91.55 KN-mm

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