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For reaction

I) H+ Br2  --> 2HBr

II) in presence of sunlight

   H+ Cl2 --> 2HCl

Plz..Explain ur answer?

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1 Answer

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In a first-order reaction, the reaction rate is directly proportional to the concentration of one of the reactants. 

First-order reactions often have the general form A → products.

 i) H2 + Br2  --> 2HBr 

It comes under a second-order reaction. 

A second-order reaction is a type of chemical reaction that depends on the concentrations of a one-second order reactant or two first-order reactants. This reaction proceeds at a rate proportional to the square of the concentration of one reactant, or the product of the concentrations of two reactants. 

II) in the presence of sunlight  

H2  +  Cl2  --> 2HCl 

It comes under zero-order reaction. 

The zero-order reaction is a chemical reaction wherein the rate does not vary with the increase or decrease in the concentration of the reactants.

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