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A piece of copper and having internal cavity weighs 264 gm in air and 221 gm when it is completely immersed in water. Find the volume of the cavity. The density of copper is 8.8 gm/cc.

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Mass of copper in air = 264 gm

Mass of copper in water = 221 gm

Apparent loss of mass in water = 264 – 221 = 43 gm

∴ Mass of water displaced by copper piece when completely immersed in water is equal to 43 gm.

Volume of water displaced = (mass of water displaced/density of water)

= 43/1.0 = 43.0 cc

∴  Volume of copper piece including volume of cavity = 43.0 cc

Volume of copper block only =  mass/density = 264/8.8 =30.0 cc

Volume of cavity = 43.0 – 30.0 = 13.0 cc.

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