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After a child is born 

A. Its haemoglobin level rises steadily during the first year. 

B. There should be a delay in clamping the umbilical cord so that blood from the placenta can drain into the fetus. 

C. It should increase its weight by 10 per cent at four months. 

D. Its brain can tolerate a lower blood glucose level than that of an adult. 

E. Its brain can tolerate a lower oxygen level than that of an adult.

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A. False It falls from around 170–200 g/litre to around 110 g/litre. 

B. True The placenta contains about half as much blood as the fetus; some can be transferred by uterine contraction. 

C. False Its weight should be doubled at this stage and trebled at one year. 

D. True It can tolerate about 25 per cent of the normal adult fasting level. 

E. True Fetal tissues are adapted to survive moderate hypoxia.

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