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Maternal blood loss in the first 24 hours after delivery 

A. Is considered abnormal if it exceeds 600 ml. 

B. Is greater after a short than after a long labour. 

C. Is increased if part of the placenta is retained. 

D. May justify transfusion of unmatched AB Rh-positive blood. 

E. May, if excessive, impair anterior pituitary function.

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A. True This is the threshold for post-partum haemorrhage. 

B. False After a long labour, the uterine contractions which normally close off the maternal sinusoids may be less efficient. 

C. True This also hinders sinusoidal compression. 

D. False Blood group O Rh-negative (universal donor) may be used. 

E. True This is a recognized complication (Sheehan’s disease).

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