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What is importance of tournament ? Explain in brief ?

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Importance of Tournament: Tournaments are important in the field of sports. The tournaments are not only significant to the players but to the coaches and physical education teachers also. 

(i) Development of sports skills: By participating in tournaments sportspersons do not develop only technical skills of the sports but also the tactical skills. 

(ii) Helpful in selection of players: On the basis of tournaments, good players can be selected by observing their performance in a tournament. 

(iii) Popularity and publicity of sports: Tournaments are helpful in publicizing the sports. It creates interest in that sport. 

(iv) A source of recreation: Sports tournaments provide ample recreation to the spectators. 

(v) Development of social qualities: Social traits such as tolerance, sympathy, cooperation, group cohesion etc, are developed among participants through sports tournaments. 

(vi) Development of national and international integration: Sports tournaments are helpful in developing national integration as well as international unity and brotherhood.

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