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What do you mean by Specific sports programmes ? Explain any three.

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Specific sports programmes are such programmes of sports which are not usually related to completions. These sports programmes have various objectives such as creating awareness among people regarding unity, health and diseases like AIDS, Swine flu, etc. and raising funds for charitable institutions or organizations. Such programmes may be organized for the promotion and maintenance of health among people.

1. Health Runs 

2. Run for Fun 

3. Run for Unity

Health Runs 

Health runs are organized almost every part of theworld. InIndia,healthrun is organized in almost every state to make people health conscious. Health run does not require any specific preparation. Health runs are organized by health department,sports department or social organizations. Usually their purpose is to ameliorate the standard of health in a country along with the raising of funds for charity.

For health runs therequirement is only a pair of shoes and light clothes, there is no competition in it but registration of participants is performed in advance. The date and time is also fixed will in advance. There is no age limit in health runs and the distance course of running is also fixed up.

Run For Fun

These kinds of runs are organized by the various organizations for the people of all ages. Run for fun is more related to have fun and frolic during running. Run for fun is a friendly race that involves either road running or cross country running taking part for their own enjoyment and recreation rather than competition. It is organized to raise funds for a charity. The sponsors only deduct the organizational expenditure. Run for the fun can include novel categories such as wearing costumes and age categories for adults, teenagers and children.

Run For Unity

Run for fun is organized by different nations by their central governments, state governments, sports federations and institutions etc. to create a feeling of unity among the people. The purpose of run for unity may be national and international integration. It may be in the form of relay race of long distance. Every participant runs some distance. In the form or relay, they feel united. It may bein the form of marathon race as it is usually organized in Mumbai. A lot of people participate in this race from corporate world, film stars and marathon runners from other countries. The cash prize is given to the first three position holder. Such runs promote harmony, peace and solidarity among people of different religions.

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