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What do you mean by anxiety? Discuss the management of anxiety in detail.

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The main aim of physical education teachers, trainers, coaches and sports psychologists is to enhance an individual’s performance at optimum level. To achieve this aim, they must consider the effect of anxiety on performance. In fact, anxiety is a psychological and physiological state of an individual.

Management of Anxiety 

1. Establish the winning feeling: Start thinking about the last time you were performing at the top of your game. After that enlist energy detail you might associate with your ‘winning feeling’. Then pick out the eight most important aspects of this positive feeling and write them down. Think those winning feelings. Naturally, it will help to create an optimum competitive mindset. 

2. Stop negative thinking: Stop negative thoughts such as ‘I cannot do better no’ or ‘it is impossible to beat him in the competition’. Instead of these negative thoughts, think positive such as ‘I can do much better’ or ‘I will be the winner’. Even casuistly used to say ‘I am the greatest’.

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