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What do you mean by Speed? Elucidate the methods of improving speed. 

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It is the rate at which a person can propel his body or parts of his body. 

Methods of improving speed 

1. Acceleration runs: Acceleration runs are usually adopted to develop speed, specially in attaining maximum speed from stationary position. It should be kept in mind that the technique of any event should be learned in the beginning. Only then, we should switch over to acceleration runs. For example: in 100 m sprint race, we should lay stress on the technique of start and complete running action, we should practice it at a slow speed. 

2. Pace runs or races: Pace races mean, running the whole distance of a race at a constant speed. In pace races, an athlete runs the race with uniform speed. Generally, 800 meters and above races are included in pace races. As a matter of fact, an athlete can run a distance of 300 meters at full speed. So, in longer races such as 800 m or above races he must conserve his energy by reducing his speed.

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