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What do you mean by coordinative abilities? Mention any two types of coordinative abilities.

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Coordinative abilities are those abilities of an individual which enable the individual to do various related activities properly as well as efficiently. Our accuracy, rhythm, flow and constancy depend on our coordinative abilities. 

Types of coordinative abilities: 

1. Orientation ability: It is the ability to determine the position of the body and its parts in time and space in relation to gravity, moving objects like ball, opponent, partner and playing field etc. This ability depends on functional capacity of sensory organs like eyes and kinesthetic sense organs etc. 

2. Coupling ability: Coupling ability is the ability to combine the movements of different body parts for performing perfect sports movements. This ability is very significant for approximately all sports but specially in team games, gymnastics and combative sports (boxing and wrestling etc.). For example in boding, the movements of hands, head, trunk and fat are essential to couple to achieve a certain goal.

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