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A particle travels 10m in first 5 seconds 10m in next 3 seconds. Assuming constant acceleration what is the distance travelled in next 2 second.

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We have given time = 5 sec
distance = 10 m
so speed = 2m/s
and again
time = 8 sec
distance = 20 m
so speed = 20/8 m/s
so using v = u + at
 20/7 = 2 + 8a
a = 6/ 64 m/s²
so int time 10 sec it will cover distance 
s = ut +1/2at²
s = 28.125 m
so  distance covered in next 2 sec
28.125 m - 20 m  = 8 m (approx)

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Ma'am, here in line no.9
you've put 20/7 instead of 20/8,
so, was it intentionally or a mistake?

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