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How to score 120+ marks in jee main 2020

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Preparation for JEE Main is actually The Utilization of your Limited Time to Produce Maximum Output.

When I was appearing for JEE Mains, for the first time. I had the same questions with me.

Focussing on the Focus

When one is preparing for something as difficult as the JEE Mains 2020, it is very important to make sure that they don't lose focus. At times it will be possible for a student to lose track of the syllabus and the course and this can happen because the syllabus is quite lengthy and boring. But, the key here isto remains focused and not lose sight of what is genuinely important.

Choose the correct course books

There is no denying that with JEE Mains being such an important exam along with all the options that one has for online JEE Mains coaching, it is also common to find a lot of books that help you prepare for them. It is our sincere advice to make sure that you choose to refer and study from a book that is authentic and approved by the boards. This way you will learn only those things that are a part of the JEE Mains 2020 curriculum.

Join a fun JEE Mains learning/study group

Contrary to what most people believe about study groups, in the case of stressful exams such as the JEE Mains 2020, it is believed to be better if students enroll themselves in some study group. Studying and discussing with other students who are also busy with the JEE Mains preparation 2020, helps boost the understanding of complex topics and problems which otherwise would go unsolved.

Overlook the Overthinking

Yes, it is true that the JEE Mains is a difficult exam to crack however, spending too much time worrying about it instead of preparing for it will do no one any good. Plan a schedule or join a JEE Mains coaching and see to it that rather than worrying and overthinking it, you can actually invest time in preparing for it.

Eat, Sleep and then study it right

It sometimes becomes a tendency in most JEE Mains aspirants that they lose all their time preparing and absolutely forget about giving the body rest by sleeping or fuel by eating. As important as it is to stick to a study plan and routine, it is also important to see to it that you don't tax yourself with fewer sleep hours and going for long hours without eating.

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