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Mention the ploidy of the following: protonemal cell of a moss; primary endosperm nucleus in dicot, leaf cell of a moss; prothallus cell of a fern; gemma cell in Marchantia; meristem cell of monocot, ovum of a liverwort, and zygote of a fern.

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(a) Protonemal cell of a moss – Haploid
(b) Primary endosperm nucleus in a dicot – Triploid
(c) Leaf cell of a moss – Haploid
(d) Prothallus of a fern – Haploid
(e) Gemma cell in Marchantia – Haploid
(f) Meristem cell of a monocot – Diploid
(g) Ovum of a liverwort – Haploid
(h) Zygote of a fern – Diploid

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