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Answer in one word or one line.
(i) Give the common name of Periplaneta americana.
(ii) How many spermathecae are found in earthworm?
(iii) What is the position of ovaries in the cockroach?
(iv) How many segments are present in the abdomen of cockroach?
(v) Where do you find malphigian tubules?

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(i) The common name of Periplaneta americana is the American cockroach.
(ii) Four pairs of spermathecae are present in earthworms. They are located between sixth and the ninth segments. They help in receiving and storing the spermatozoa during copulation.
(iii) In a cockroach, the pair of ovaries is located between 12th and 13th abdominal segments.
(iv) In both sexes, the abdomen of a cockroach consists of ten segments.
(v) Malphigian tubules are main excretory organs of cockroaches. They form a part of the alimentary canal.

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