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Write a short note on the third generation computers.

Mode Manufacturer
IBM 70,1400,1600 IBM
Honeywell 400,800 Honeywell

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Period Component used Access Time Cost
1965 - 1970(Mini computer was introduced) Integrated Circuits (IC's) Nano Second Much Less than Second Generation


1. The development of the integrated circuit was made used in thirdgeneration computers. Transistors were miniaturized and were placed on silicon chips, called semiconductors.
2. The processing speed and efficiency of computers increased.
3. Keyboards and monitors were used as input and output devices.
4. The computer system had an operating system and helped to run multiple applications simultaneously. Computers gained a lot of popularity because of small size and low cost.
  • Better than first and second-generation computers 
  • Used high level language
  • Size got reduced further
  • Speed got increased
  • Much better performance
  • Much more reliability
  • Initial problem with Manufactures.

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