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Explain the classification of computers based on size, speed, and performance.

Models Manufacturer
Apple Series APPLE
M 68000
8086, Z 8000
DEC 10, STAR 1000
Digital Equipment

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Micro Computers:

Computers using Microprocessors are called Micro Computers. This is the smallest general-purpose processing system. These computers are designed for use by a single person at a time.

  • They brought revolution in the history of computers.
  • They are also known as Personal Computers.
  • They are cheap and user-friendly.
  • The main components are Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Modem and Printer. 
  • They are used as desktops either in offices or even homes.
  • Their operation can be easily learned by anyone having some basic logical aptitude.
  • Children enjoy playing games & watching movies on these computers. 
  • The most popular micro computer’s processing chip manufacturing

Mini Computers:

These are medium-sized computers that are costlier but powerful than a microcomputer. A mini-computer is usually designed to serve more than one user simultaneously. These computers need less power and less cooling arrangement. Up to 8 users can use the system simultaneously, all of them running their own programs.

  • They have less memory & storage capacity than mainframe computers.
  • Only a limited range of softwares can be used by them.
  • The end users can directly operate on them.
  • They are used for data processing company is Intel.

Super Computers: 

The supercomputer is the largest, fastest and most expensive mainframe computer. Their computing speed is 10 times faster than any other type of computer. These computers are capable of executing more than 10,000 million instructions per second and have storage capacities of millions of bits per chip.

  • They are huge computers installed in space centres, nuclear power stations, etc.
  • They are used for performing complex mathematical calculations.
  • Only scientists and mathematicians can operate them.
  • They are having huge memories & tremendous processing speed.
  • They are used in the fields of electronics, petroleum engineering, weather forecasting, structural analysis, chemistry, medicine, and physics.

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