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Explain the importance and usage of computers in different fields.

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Businesses. Computers help businesses to predict future sales, profits, costs, etc. making companies more accurate in their accounts. Businessmen make bar graphs and pie charts from numerical figures. Firms can store large amounts of data in less space. Many business application software like tally, ms-word, excel are useful in processing business transactions easily.

1. Buildings:

Architects use computer-animated graphics to give their clients a visual walk¬through of their proposed buildings. Computers provide architects many facilities to create different buildings with greater accuracy, better designing, and editing tools, and get the work ‘ done at the fastest speed possible.

2. Education:

Computers are used in classrooms to teach different subjects. It has been proved that learning with computers has been more successful and many forms of new teaching methods have been introduced. This enriches the knowledge of the student at a much faster speed. Likewise, Colleges and various Universities use computers as many educators prefer ‘learning by doing’ method – an approach uniquely suited to the computer.

3. Departmental stores:

Products from salt to grains are packed with zebra-striped bar codes that can be read by the computer scanners at supermarket checkout stands to determine prices. Thus, a detailed bill can be generated, which is useful for both the customer and the retail store.

4. Energy:

Energy companies use computers to locate oil, coal, natural gas and uranium. Electric companies use computers to monitor vast power networks. In addition, meter readers use handheld computers to record how much energy is used each month in homes and offices and generate bills.

5. Transportation:

Computers are used in cars to monitor fluid levels, temperatures, and electrical systems. Computers are also used in the air control traffic systems, where computers are used to control the flow of traffic between airplanes.

6. Banks:

Computers speed up record-keeping and allow banks to offer same-day services and even do-it-yourself banking over the phone and internet.

7. Agriculture:

Farmers use small computers to help with billing, crop information, and cost per acre, feed combinations, and market price checks apart from specific weather forecasts.

8. Entertainment:

Computers can be used to watch television programs on the Internet. People can also watch movies, listen to music and play games on the computer. Many computer games and other entertainment materials of different kinds are available on the Internet.

9. Home:

At home, the computer is used to maintain personal records and to access a lot of information on the Internet. People can also use the computer at home for making home budgets etc.

10. Medical:

Computers are used for maintaining patient history & other records. They are also used for patient monitoring and diagnosis of diseases etc.

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