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Briefly explain the importance of the legislature.

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The Importance of the legislature is: The importance of Legislature has grown many-fold due to the ever-increasing role of government in the developmental activity. In present times, the role of the executive and judiciary cannot be imagined without legislature. That’s why Gilchrist has rightly observed thus: “The legislature is the preamble, executive the content and judiciary the conclusion”.

1. Lawmaking: The Lawmaking the role of the legislature is so vital because even though the executive is strong, a wrong law passed by the legislature will have disastrous consequences. So, efficient lawmaking is essential and that task is handled by legislature.

While making laws, it is important to evaluate the pros and cons of that legislation.

2. Determines the government: In democracies, people elect a government of their choice from among competing political parties in elections, held periodically. Party or parties that secure majority support of the people form the government and others act as the opposition. The government is also called as “the ruling party or ruling coalition” continues as long as it enjoys the confidence of the legislature (lower house). If the government fails to secure a motion of no confidence it has to vacate the office. In India, parliamentary elections are held once in 5 years whereas in U.S.A, presidential elections are held once in 4 years.

3. Public platform: The importance of legislature is reflected in its role serving as a public platform. The legislature consists of people’s representatives from different nooks and comers of the country representing various castes, religions, languages, customs, traditions, cultures and vivid socio-economic backgrounds. These representatives assemble in one place to discuss problems concerning people of the whole nation. So, legislature plays a key role in mirroring national sentiment.

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