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Explain the role, powers, and functions of the speaker of Vidhana Sabha.

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The presiding officer of Vidhana sabha is the Speaker who is elected from among the members along with the Deputy Speaker and stays in office till the life of the House i.e., 5 years. His primary task is to protect the dignity and decorum of the House and to see that the proceedings of the House are conducted in an orderly and a focused manner. He is the principal spokesperson of the House and must be impartial and even-handed in dealing as the custodian of the House. In order to ensure impartiality, the speaker resigns his party membership in the election.

The Deputy speaker discharges the duty when the office of the speaker falls vacant due to resignation, death or removal by a 2/3 majority of the total membership of the House or in the absence of the speaker. The salary of the speaker is determined by the parliament from time to time. The Speaker’s position in the House is one of dignity and authority.

All orders of the house are executed through the Speaker

  • Communication from the Governor is made known through the Speaker. 
  • It is the power of the speaker to declare whether a bill is money bill or not.
  • He enjoys the authority of interpreting the Rules of procedure and has the power to vote except in case of a tie. 
  • No member can speak in the House without the permission of the speaker and it is the speaker who fixes the time limit for speech. 
  • During discussions, the members must address the Chair. 
  • In case of a tie, the speaker has the right to cast a vote. 
  • Speaker’s decisions cannot be questioned in a court of law.

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