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Define friction and its types

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Friction is that force which opposes the motion of two objects upon each other. Friction generates only when two objects are in contact with each other.

When an object tries to move on other objects than an opposing force develops and resist this movement known as Friction. The friction force is likely to terminate the movement if the friction force is more than the motion.

Types of friction: 

(i) Static friction

(ii) Sliding friction

(iii) Rolling friction

(iv) Fluid friction

(v) Kinetic friction

(i) Static Friction: Static friction acts on objects when they are in a rest position. When both objects are a rest or one object is little tilted then the friction which resist the motion is known as Static friction.

For Example: When you are hiking on a mountain and each time you put your foot on the trail the static friction develops between your shoes and trail to maintain the stability.

(ii) Sliding friction: Sliding friction is that friction which acts on objects when they are sliding over a surface. Sliding friction resists the sliding motion of the objects, this friction is weaker than the static friction, therefore, we can easily slide any object on the surface easily. 

For Example, The friction between wheels and its brakes to stop the bicycle is sliding friction.

(iii) Rolling friction: Rolling friction is that friction which acts on the object when they are rolling over a surface. This friction is weaker than static and sliding friction. This type of friction acts upon vehicles because the wheels roll on the surface. 

For Example, The friction between brakes and wheel while driving the car.

(iv) Fluid friction: Fluid fiction is that fiction which acts upon objects that are moving through fluids. This type of friction develops in liquids, gases or oils. Whenever water passes through a pipe the friction develops between the inner layer of pipe and particles of water (in the opposite direction) to resist the flow of water.

For Example: Whenever you tried to push water through palm in a bucket or tub an opposing force acts upon your hand, this force is nothing but fluid friction.

Kinetic friction: Kinetic friction is that friction which acts upon two objects sliding on moving on each other. It is exerted by one surface to another when two surfaces rub against each other. The magnitude of the force will depend on the coefficient of kinetic friction between the types of materials of the matter. 

For Example: When you rub your hands a kind of heat produces because of kinetic friction.

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Friction is the resistance to motion of one object moving relative to another. It is not a fundamental force, like gravity or electromagnetism.

Types Of Friction

Following are the friction types which depend on the types of motion:

  1. Static Friction
  2. Sliding Friction
  3. Rolling Friction
  4. Fluid Friction

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