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Physical activity is a vital component of positive Lifestyle.
(1) Reducing Anxiety : Exercise reduces the symptoms of anxiety such as worry.
(2) Reduce stress, depression and imporves mood. Regular physical activity reduces the body’s overalll response to all forms of stressors and help people to deal more effectively with the stress, they experience.
(3) Reduces the risk of chronic diseases : Physical training is a process of producing long term improvement in body’s functioning though exercises. Exercise reduce the risk of developing or dying from heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure colon cancer, obesity, depression and reduced spending for health care.
(4) Reduced risk of becoming obese : Too much body fat is linked to a variety of health problems. Excess calories are stored in the body as fat. Regular exercise increases dialy calorie expenditure so that a health diet is less likely to lead to weight gain.
(5) Improves psychological emotional well beings

Performing physical activities provides an opportunity to skill mastery and self control. Fit people can maintain their physical and mental well being throughout their lives.

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