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What do you mean by the term physical fitness? Explain the component of physical fitness in detail.

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Physical fitness is the total functional capacity of an individual to perform a given task. It means that it is the body’s ability to function efficiently, to enjoy leisure time, to be healthy, to resist hypokinetic diseases and to meet unforeseen situation. It consists of health related fitness and skill related physical fitness. Physical fitness and exercises habits developed in early years provide a foundation for life time. Since activity is the basis of life and human body cannot remain in normal condition without activity therefore optimal physical fitness is not possible without regular exercise.

Components of physical fitness
There are five physical fitness components. These are
- Speed
- Strength
- Endurance
- Flexibility
- Coordination

- Speed : It is the ability to perform movement at faster rate or. It is the ability to perform movement in a short period of time and sports
e.g. practicing with faster rhythm, speed endurance repetition method, acceleration runs etc.
- Strength : It is an ability of muscles to overcome or to act against resistance e.g. exercise with medicine ball, Isometric exercises, pushups etc.
- Endurance : It is the ability to sustain or continue activity or it the ability to resist fatigue. It is one of the important components for middle and long distance races ad it is required for almost all major games like football, hockey and basketball.

- Flexibility : It is the capacity of a muscle to extend without any damage. Flexibility is measured by range of motion around a joint. It is affected by muscle length, joint structure and other factors. It is measured through flexometer.
- Co-ordinate ability : It is the ability of the body to perform movement with perfection and efficiency. In other words it is ability to change movement or direction in the shortest time without getting unbalanced.

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