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Describe the components of wellness

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Components of wellness
Wellness is the ability to lead a well balanced. Life style relating to physical health, mental health, social health and emotionally balanced life. There are many components to bring wellness all these also develop optimum health.
(1) Physical activity : It makes the person fit and active. It improves various system of body and improves our health. It also improves our growth and development
(2) Balanced Emotional Life : Wellness requires balanced emotional life and release of emotions, moreover it should be under control.
(3) Intellectual Attitude : Wellness requires positive intellectual attitude. It improves our behaviour, intelligence, alertness, futuristic and insight thinking.
(4) Spiritual wellness : It makes the person ethically good, morally good, peaceful, moreover guides the value of life.
(5) Occupational Wellness : It makes the person to be hard worker and earn the livelihood with honesty. It helps to achieve the balance of work and leisure and gives satisfaction.
(6) Managing stress : Wellness needs the proper management of stresses and tensions of life. It keeps us calm and controls our anxiety.

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