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A healthy Lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight it takes sometime depending upon our habits.

1. Regular exercise : It keeps a person fit perform all routine work without any difficulty. Thus one should participate in physical activity, moreover it s a symbol of good health.
2. Eat a balanced diet : A balanced diet includes healthy food choices from all the food groups (according to age, gender, climate etc) on the other hand unbalanced diet, Fast food, junk food cold drinks, toffees, candy etc are the causes of may chronic problems.
3. Refrain from bad habits : Refrain from bad habits such as smoking, drinking Alcohol and drugs etc. These are the bars to a good health.
4. Proactive about your health : Seeing your doctors for medical check ups regularly is an important healthy Lifestyle feature. It not only ensures that you are on the right track but any health issue that does come up is easier to treat if discovered early.
5. Have fun : Have you, noticed how much better you feel when you smile or laugh? Having a positive outlook and making sure you take time out to have fun which can actually have a positive affect on your health too.

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