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List out the States of India. Write a note on Gandhi Jayanthi being celebrated as “Swachatha Divas”.

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Our Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi launched our country’s biggest ever cleanliness drive on Gandhiji’s birth anniversary in 2014. It is a well known fact that among other things Gandhiji advocated cleanliness in every walk of our lives, be it personal hygiene, behaviour in public places, public administration, political field or public life of our leaders.

This drive is a five year Abhiyan – a campaign to clean India at every level. It is expected to cost over two lakh crores. Sri Modi publicly acknowledged the fact that Gandhiji’s dream of a clean India – in more senses than one, has remained unfulfilled so far. It is the bounden duty of every citizen of our country to motivate themselves to stand behind our Prime Minister in carrying out this operation of cleaning up every comer of the country.

Instead of declaring Gandhi Jayanthi of 2014 a holiday as has been the practice till now, Sri Modi expressed the idea of making it a full working day for Government employees to carry out the Swachatha Divas in the correct sense. The bureaucrats were given instructions to lead their department staff in cleaning their offices and surroundings including toilets.

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