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Write short notes on any two movements of spearheading for the conservation of environment in India.

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Causes for Environmental Movement are as follows.

1. To protect the Environmental degradation: The Government of India has taken measures for economic development including industrial and technological development. This has led to industrialization, urbanization and their adverse effects like loss of cultivable land, and also on the fertility of the soil.

2. To protect Mo-diversity: Deforestation for fuel and construction purposes has left the wildlife and birds to become orphan. Hence Chipco, Appico, and Save Western Ghats Movements started.

3. Environment education and consciousness: Living amidst environment, formal education in schools, colleges, and non-governmental organizations have created awarness and consciousness among human beings. Programmes, rallies, and Jathas have gone a long way in this direction.

4. To curb environment decay: The greediness of the people to excavate and exploit resources have resulted in soil erosion, drying up of rivers and reservoirs, pollution of air, water and sound, etc. To maintain equilibrium and to pressurize the people in power to take measures, these movements emerged.

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