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Write down in details about International Olympic Committee.

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The International Olympic Committee is the governing body of the modern Olympic games. It is committed to support and promote participation in sports throughout the world. The International Olympic Committee has its headquarter in Lusanne, Switzerland. lt was created by Pierre;Baron de Coubertin on 23rd June 1894. Greek Demitrios Vikelas was its first president. lts memberships consists of 105 active members and 32 honoury members. The International Olympic Committee(IOC) organizes the summer and winter Olympic games every four years. The first summer Olympic games by the International Olympic Committee were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. where as the first winter games were held in Chamonx, France, in 1924. From 2010 the IOC has started to organize to the summer and winter youth Olympic games. The first summer youth Olympics were held in Singapore in 2010, where as the first winter Youth Olympics were held in Innsbruck in 2012.

IOC Governing Body:- International Olympic Committee consists of members from the various countries:
President:- The President of IOC is elected by its members for a term of eight years.
The current IOC president is Jacques Rogg.
Vice- President:- In the IOC four vice presidents are elected. They are elected for four years.
Executive Board:- The IOC Executive Board consists of president, vice president and ten other members.
Main Functions of IOC:- The IOC performs a numbers of functions which areas under:-
l. The IOC decides the venue and date of Olympic games
2. It also ensure the regular celebration of the Olympic Games.

3. For conducting the competition and general for the Olympics, fundamentals rules set by this committee.
4. It also acts against any form of discrimination Affecting the Olympic Movement.
5. It leads the fight against doping in sports.

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