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How yoga is beneficial for sports persons? Explain.

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1. Yoga improves the concentration power of the player, it enhances the skill, level and performance.
2. Lungs of the player become stronger. Due to inhalation of maximum oxygen, it increases the patience.
3. The joints of the player becomes strong and flexible, which help in learning difficult skills easily.
4. It prevents the player from injury, sprain and strain.
5. It reduces the tension and pressure, resulting in strong will power to learn.
6. It increases the WBC that increases immunity power of the body.
7. It enhances the air tidal capacity, as a result the player does not feel the fatigue due to reduced rate of respiration.
8. The reaction time of the player improves considerably, it increases the efficiency and alertness.
9. It increases the physical as well as internal strength enhancing the skill in games and sport.

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