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Causes of hypertension :
1. Genetic factor : It is the main cause of high BP. Its genes get transferred from one generation to another generation.
2. Obesity : It is also one of the main causes of high BP. It increases the danger by six fold.
3. Lack of exercise : Continuous lack of physical exercise increases the risk of high BP.
4. Excessive smoking, drug and consumption of alcohol : These things also increase the risk of high BP by weakning the neuro system of the body.
5. Sedentary life style : It makes the body lethargic which develops the risk of high BP.
Management of hypertension :
1. Lifestyle Changes : We should lead active life style. We should keep away from smoking and exercise for 30 minutes daily. The patient of sugar should control sugar level.
2. Control obesity : Obesity increases the risk of high BP. Obesity should be controlled by taking light food and regular exercise.

3. Meditate - It relaxes the mind and keeps us calm, thus emotions can be controlled.
4. Develop patience - Develops you patience and tolerance towards aggression
5. Take a break - Take a break and perform some other work to change emotion.

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