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Define physical fitness and wellness.

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Physical fitness : It is the ability of an individual to carry out his daily routine without getting tired and having extra amount of energy to meet any kind of unforeseen emergency.

Wellness : It is the ability to live life fully, with vitality and meaning. It is dynamic and multi-dimensional. Wellness incorporates have derived, to their full benefit. They may need to modify their habits and lifestyle for better hygiene.

• Health Education is of great importance for everyone, since it provides knowledge about personal and environmental hygiene. People learn to keep their body and surroundings clean and clear from dust and germs. This helps in preventing any communicable diseases.

• Health education provides awareness about the communicable diseases, their prevention and cure. This helps in controlling the spread of diseases like Malaria, AIDS, Swine flu, Tuberculosis and more.

• Health education helps us to become aware of the dietary requirements of our body, and what one needs to intake in appropriate quantities. The caloric intake depends on age, sex, and nature of work of a person. School children are given nutritious diet under the scheme ‘mid day meal’ to meet the required balanced diet.

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