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How to score 90% marks in CBSE Board Exam 2018 in just one month study?

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There is no superpower required to score more than 90% marks in CBSE board class 12th exam. But you have to follow the common path, they are:

1. Read NCERT book's important topic and make a strong grip over it. As nothing in boards comes out of it. You can also read and download class 12 NCERT books online.

2. Revise notes of each chapter so that it will help you in quick revision. At this time if you have not prepared notes then don't waste your time in preparing notes go for online notes. In mathematics section, revise important formulas and theorems. You can get Math formulas for class 12 here.

3. If you are done with the above aspects than its time to solve questions. First, solve CBSE class 12 sample papers issued by CBSE board officially. Then solve at least previous 6 years board question paper which will boost your confidence level.

If you follow these steps with having good management of time then without any doubt you can score more than 90% in CBSE class 12 board examination.

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Scoring 90% marks in board exam in just a month of study is not a magic but it can be made by following these study strategies (Assumed that you have read NCERT Books thoroughly):

  • First Read and revise the key points in each and every subject of your class.
  • Practice Last 10 years Board papers of all subject.
  • Practice Sample papers published by CBSE
  • Most important be cool while attempting board exam.
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I thought it's subjective examination so It's quite difficult To Covered in 1 Month..But Hard work Do All Possible ....

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