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Discuss the process of Modernization in India.

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Modernization in India is undergoing the following processes:

1. At the economic level, there is a persistent and growing tendency to adopt the rational, mechanized industrial economy in place of older communal familistic tool economy. This is even responsible for the breakdown of traditional systems like jajmani system.

2. At the political level, the change in the power structure is being introduced through the abolition of semi-feudal group-oriented power structure of the past and by replacing it by a rational parliamentary democratic structure of power.

3. At the cultural level, the change in the realm of values is from sacred value system to secular value system.

4. At the social level, there is a decline in the traditional principle of ascribed status and role to achieve status and role.

Yogendra Singh in his work “Modernization of Indian Tradition” is of the opinion that a unique feature of modernization in India is that it is being carried forward through adaptive changes in the traditional structures rather than structural dissociation or breakdown.

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