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Trace the incidents where Laura and Gonzalo secretly guess about each other’s identity.

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Dona Laura and Don Gonzalo come face-to-face in a retired corner of a park in Madrid on a Sunday morning. The strangers soon become friends without knowing that they were lovers once. Then Gonzalo happens to tell her that he had spent his youth in Valencia city. Laura’s curiosity having been provoked, she tells Gonzalo that she also had spent several seasons in Maricela, a villa near the sea in Valencia. When Gonzalo is startled to hear the name ‘Maricela’, Dona Laura asks him whether the name is familiar to him. Don Gonzalo tells her that he had seen a beautiful woman Laura Llorente living there. On hearing the name Laura Llorente mentioned, Dona Laura shows her surprise. From that moment onwards, it becomes clear that both of them know who they are and intentionally conceals their identity.

When Dona Laura tells him that Laura Llorente was her best friend and she was called the ‘Silver Maiden’, Don Gonzalo endorses it and tells her that ‘Silver Maiden’ was her popular name in the locality. Further, he tells her that she used to stand at a particular window. Then Dona Laura endorses his statement. Inadvertently, when Don Gonzalo tells her that he spent many hours there during his youthful days, Dona Laura gives a sigh and endorses his statement and says “And in mine, too.” Then Don Gonzalo gives a description of her beauty and expresses his admiration calling her a dream. Then Dona Laura makes an aside remark and tells Gonzalo that if he but knew that Laura was by his side he would realize what dreams come to. This way, their conversation goes on until the end, each speaking to the other in disguise.

Though they appear to be concealing their identity, they know tacitly that they are the true lovers Laura and Gonzalo of their youthful days. In the end, before leaving the park, Laura drops the violets, and when Gonzalo stoops to pick up the flowers, Laura looks at him. Thus they come to recognize each other.

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