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‘A Sunny Morning’ portrays wit and humour through Don Gonzalo and Dona Laura’s spontaneous reactions”. Explain. 


Give instances of humorous situations in the play in your own words.

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‘A Sunny Morning’ is a romantic comedy with only two main characters Don Gonzalo and Dona Laura who are in their seventies now. Their chance meeting on a sunny morning in a park in Madrid gives the characters an opportunity to relive the story of their love affair when they were living in Marfcela. The whole story is built up through witty, humorous, lively and spontaneous interaction between them.

When the play opens, we find Dona Laura happily speaking to the pigeons which were feeding on the bread crumbs. When Don Gonzalo comes there looking for a bench, Dona Laura accuses him of scaring away her birds. In reply, Don Gonzalo tells her that it is a public park and he doesn’t care about the birds. Dona Laura asks him why then did he complain that the priests had taken his seat. Later, when Don Gonzalo comes back to the same place to sit, she asks him why he was seen there again. But, when he tries to put her off saying that they had not met, she tells him that she was only responding to his gesture.

When he tells her that she ought to have only returned his greeting, she remarks that he should have taken her permission to sit on that bench. Finally, with her witty remarks, she makes him tongue-tied and helpless. When he mutters to himself, saying that she was a senile old lady and she ought to be at home knitting and counting her beads, she asks him not to grumble any more. When she finds him cleaning his shoes with his handkerchief, she taunts him asking whether one uses a handkerchief as a shoe brush. In reply, when Gonzalo asks her what right she has to criticize his actions, she answers playfully that it was her right as a neighbour.

When Gonzalo tries to put her off rudely saying that he does not care to listen to nonsense, she once again teases him remarking that he was very polite. When Gonzalo asks her apologetically not to interfere with what does not concern her, she again tells him stubbornly that she generally says what she thinks. From then on their spontaneous exchange takes a positive direction and soon they become friends.

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