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Bring out the instances where Laura and Gonzalo realize each other’s identity.

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There are several instances in ‘A Sunny Morning’, in which both Laura and Gonzalo recognize each others’ identity. Soon after their initial outbursts of emotion, both Dona Laura and Don Gonzalo become friends. Next, both of them enjoy a pinch of snuff and Don Gonzalo begins to read aloud verses from Campoamor.

When Don Gonzalo mentions that he was a native of Valencia and had met Campoamor there incidentally, Dona Laura tells him that she had spent several seasons at Maricela. When Don Gonzalo tells her that he had seen a beautiful woman by name Laura Llorente in Maricela, Dona Laura tells him that Laura was known by the name ‘Silver Maiden’ in that locality. When Don Gonzalo starts describing Laura Llorente, Dona Laura makes an aside comment. We learn that Dona Laura has recognized his identity.

Later, when Laura tells him that her friend had told her the story of the two lovers, Don Gonzalo recognizes her identity. Then Dona Laura makes an aside remark, “Why tell him? He does not suspect”. Similarly, Don Gonzalo mutters to himself, “She is entirely innocent”. Then when Don Gonzalo tells her how his cousin had met a glorious death in Africa, Dona Laura mutters to herself that he was telling an atrocious lie. Don Gonzalo tells himself that he could not have killed himself more gloriously.

On hearing how Laura had died, Don Gonzalo tells himself, “she lies worse than I do”. Then Dona Laura tells herself that she will not tell him that she married two years later while Don Gonzalo mutters that he had run off to Paris with a ballet dancer in three months. By then it becomes clear that both of them have recognized each other’s identity.

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