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Everything is fair in love and war. How do you substantiate this statement relating to the attitudes of Dona Laura and Don Gonzalo in the play?

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‘A Sunny Morning’ presents the story of Don Gonzalo and Dona Laura, who were ardent lovers in their youth, but were tom apart in life by fate. They are now in their 70s. The very lovers meet as total strangers unexpectedly in a park in Madrid. As the play begins, Dona Laura is seen in the park feeding pigeons with bread crumbs. It is at that point an old man enters with his attendant. The old man is none other than Don Gonzalo, who is seen to be quite irritated as he finds no bench in the park vacant. Quite grudgingly he comes near Laura and shares her bench. Laura gets infuriated as the old man has scared the pigeons she was feeding and calls him ‘an ill-natured man.’ With her witty remarks, she makes him tongue-tied and helpless.

But, after a few moments of disagreement, both of them have a pinch of snuff and reconcile with each other. Gonzalo says that he is from Valencia and to his surprise, Laura reveals that she is from Maricela. Gonzalo is startled by the revelation and he says that he knows a woman named Laura Llorente who lived in a villa there, who was perhaps the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Both Laura and Gonzalo realize that they were the very same young lovers once. But they pretend not to reveal their identities. Though both of them have changed a lot physically, they still cherish the memories of their adventurous youth.

Though initially, they appear to be cynical, fussy and ill-natured, soon they become friends. When they discover that they were lovers once in their youth, they relive their romantic meetings as before and pretend not to recognize their earlier selves. Like young people, they live in a dream world of their own and are reluctant to come back to the world of reality. They tell atrocious lies to defend their previous actions and exit with a promise to meet the next day.

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