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A Sunny Morning’ presents a situation that is not so sunny for Laura and Gonzalo. Do you agree? Give reasons.

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Yes. I totally agree with the statement. ‘A Sunny Morning’ presents a situation that is not so sunny for Laura and Gonzalo because they are the very same Don Gonzalo and Dona Laura of yesteryears, who were ardent lovers in their youth, but are now in their 70s. Their romantic relationship was torn apart in life by fate. It is a flashback scene, ironically re-narrated by the very same lovers.

In her youthful days, Dona Laura was known in her locality as ‘The Silver Maiden’. She was fair as the lily, with jet black hair and black eyes. She was like a dream. She was in love with Gonzalo, the gallant lover. He used to pass by on horseback every morning through the rose garden and toss up a bouquet of flowers to her balcony which she caught. On his way back in the afternoon she would toss the flowers back to him. But Laura’s parents wanted to marry her off to a merchant whom she disliked. One day there was a quarrel between Gonzalo and the merchant, the suitor. After the duel the young man fled from his hometown to Seville and then to Madrid, being scared of the consequences of a duel with a person highly regarded in that locality. Even though he tried to communicate with Laura through letters, all attempts failed.

Once Don Gonzalo and Dona Laura realize that they are the same old, young lovers of Maricela who were separated in life by fate, they decide not to reveal their identity because they learn from each other in what high esteem they held each other before they departed. come to know that both of them had given up the other as lost forever. While Dona Laura techs herself that she had married someone else after waiting for him for one year, Don Gonzalo tells himself that after fleeing from Valencia, then Seville and Madrid, he had run off to Paris with a ballet dancer in about three months. Therefore, they concoct fictitious stories so as to conceal their identities completely and to make the other believe that he or she was dead.

Later, when they realize that they are alive, they do not want to shatter their mutual images in the eyes of the other. Therefore, Don Gonzalo tells himself that he will not reveal himself because he is grotesque. He wishes that she had better recall the gallant horseman who passed daily beneath her window tossing flowers. Similarly, Dona Laura tells herself that “I am too sadly changed. It is better he should remember me as the black-eyed girl tossing flowers as he passed among the roses in the garden.”

Thus one can conclude that though A Sunny Morning’ presents a situation in which two old lovers are made to present a sunny situation of their past life, which is no longer sunny for them.

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