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Describe the ill effects of stimulants, steroids, Narcotics and Diuretics.

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The ill effects of the banned drugs are as follows:- 

(i) Stimulants : These are chemicals which have direct effect over Central nervous and Cardiovascular Systems. The toxic effects of stimulants are aggression, violent behaviour, blurred vision, dizziness, irregular heartbeat etc. It has addictive effect, moreover its dependence can lead to high dosage.

(ii) Steroids : They adversely affect the body leading to heart attack, cause cancer, infertility (In females), hypertension, aggressive behaviour, uncontrolled emotions etc. 

(iii) Narcotics : It may cause loss of balance and co-ordination. They cause loss of concentration. There may be drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, fainting and coma etc. They create illusion of athletic powers beyond actual capacity. They are good pain killers. Examples of these are morphin(Ganja), Opium, heroin, Cocaine etc. they are found in cough syrups. 

(iv) Diuretics : These drugs reduces fluid from the body. The person reduces body weight in very short period. These are generally used by wrestlers, judo and boxing players. These drugs increases urine secretion. It reduces the natural appetite, may lead to malnutrition, body fainting, dehydration etc. The amount of potassium and sodium decreases in the body, which may lead to mineral imbalance in the body.

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