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How does an individual, health get affected by the ill effects of Doping?

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The use of performance enhancing substances leads to serious health problems and even death.

 (a) Addictive effects : Most of these substances have addictive effects and hence it creates physical and psychological effects.

  (b) Cardiac Problems :

Doping has adverse effect over heart and causes many types of cardiac problems like varied heart beat, hypertension, cardiac arrest etc.

  (c) Affects Kidney and liver : 

Doping substances contains strong chemicals and hence it affects liver and kidney adversely. It leads to non-functioning and partial damage of important organs.

  (d) Unbalanced Psychological Behaviour : 

These substances usually leads to un-balanced psychological behaviour like aggression, loss of concentration, headache, loss of neuromuscular responses, insomnia, depression etc. 

(e) Impotence : Doping causes impotence in males i.e. shrinking of testicles, reduction of sperm production. In females it causes infertility.

(f) Dehydration : Doping causes great loss of water from body, thus leads to dehydration. Dehydration results in cramps, heat stroke, high temperature etc. 

(g) Digestive problems : Most of these banned drugs cause digestive or gastro problems like loss of appetite, hormonal variation, constipation, stomach ache etc.

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